14. Car Footprints Full Circle

December 7, 2018 – December 6, 2019 a full year of Car Footprint in the Snow images

56 2018 12 07 carprint_9168

Posts began with silhouettes left in snow when vehicles moved from parking spots. I started this series on January 11, 2019 but recently I found this photograph (above) from December 7, 2018 that I had forgotten. While people complained about the winter, my lenses shifted toward the mess made in pristine snow when cars drive away. I began to see it as human aggression. As I experimented with camera settings and apps, the photographs showed relationships among the bay window, a maple tree and snow. The cars and this street have been here for little over 100 years. The snow has been making an annual return for millennia.  

December 6, 2019  More Snow

December 2, 2019  Snow and slipping camera

25 2018 12 02 IMG_7005

December 1, 2019

18 2018 12 02 IMG_701417 2018 12 02 IMG_6975

A big tree survives and thrives in a small yard. Camera apps have transcended their navigation function to examine the care and neglect of my responsibilities to the Land.  

November 27, 2019 

11 2019 11 27 IMG_694510 2019 11 27 IMG_6939

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