Apology 12: Earring

Tender Loving Stuff
Haul Out Blvd.
Trash City

Dear Unattached emerald earring,

Please accept my apologies for losing your mate. Everybody talks about the single sock, but you don’t hear as much as the deserted earring. Maybe it’s because ears can have multiple piercings and a matching partner isn’t such an issue. It could also be attributed to the fact that your disappearances aren’t quite as mysterious as laundry mishaps. You are really small, and easily get caught in hair and hats.

I can’t remember the specific circumstances of your companion’s loss. Even if I could relate the whole series of events, it probably would not be seemly or even legal. I do remember a Halloween Party with food, music, and wine, etc. I was dressed in my black 1938 velvet gown as a pre-Technicolor Hollywood starlet. When I woke up in the morning I had you in one ear, but my other ear was without adornment. I searched the apartment for you, to no avail. The party hosts looked and never found it either. The velvet gown bit the dust a few years later when I stepped on the hem getting out of a rented limo at another dress-up party. I still have you – a tiny emerald in a silver setting, a gift from my sister bought during one of her trips.

I have other single earrings and bits of jewelry that I am planning to string together into a necklace. It may not make up for the loss of a soul mate, but at least you’ll be in circulation again.

Forever Yours,

Signature small IMG_0087

PS 2017 It occurred to me that you have the only gemstone – even if it’s a barely visible emerald chip – among the single earrings and broken paste. I hope you’re not acting snobby about it.

 1 IMG_0984levels

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